Visual Studio 2010 Watch nasıl eklenir?

Değerleri debug anında görüntülemek için kullanılan Watch ekranının kaybolması ya da olmaması durumunda eklemek için, debug başlattıktan sonra Debug -> Windows -> Watch kısmından ekleyebilirsiniz.


IELTS Graphics – UK spending habits for books bought on the Internet


Essay example for IELTS;

First chart represent expenditure for buying books over the internet distribution by years. United Kingdom inhabitants spent money in total approximately 115 millions pound  between 1997 and 2002. In particular, outlay on books moved up quickly from over 10 millions pounds to 22 millions ponds in the first four years. Following years increased gradually and reached a peak of 24 millions pound in 2012.

The pie chart compares  the proportion of books bought on the Internet some countries in United Kingdom. Respectively, people from England percentage was 81% did highest, in the second place comes Wales folks with a percentage of 10%, third place was Scotland people with 8% and last place was Northern Ireland inhabitants  just 1%. England people have percentage almost four times bigger than other countries. In addition to this, overall Scotland and Northern Ireland’s percentages of people were lower than Wales folks.

Your dreams can come true!

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A simple story for homework

Alison read the note, smiled and immediately put on her coat. There was big smile and address on the note. She prepared to go to the address on the note. She wonders, who wrote the note? Thought, but couldn’t find. She departs in the direction to the airport. Her house was very close to the airport. Collided with a man while she was walking fastly. Alison realized that drops the note. After he escaped who takes the note. Alison had thought and memorized it. She realized that this is very dangerous. Immediately, she flew to Athens with first plane.

Athens was calm as usual. She looked a cheap hotel room. After settling into the room began to explore address. Tomorrow, she will make a nice breakfast that going to start out. She slept very well at night.

After asking a few people have found the house. She found the address after asking a few people. She chickened out when it comes to the door of the house then who had entered the house could own photos everywhere. A man standing in front of her and said “I’m your father”. First, she thought it a dream but everything was real. She called her father for many years. Today isn’t the end for him, a new beginning because her father have a lot of enemy and they will fight together against them.

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