Simple article about gambling

Gambling is game of chance which lasted for centuries. Bare bones based on winning or losing. Often, It played with two or more person and sometimes against the game machine. Winning or losing situation turned into a addiction consistently over time has been observed. The resulting financial burden has caused many people to lose all his assets.

The most important reason behind the transformation of gambling to addiction felt adrenaline during the game. When people get excited in that they are more willing. In consequence of this situations, the person give up everything and determine the cause of his life as the purpose of wager. The advanced dependency problem able to overcome with the support of therapy. In some cases, suicide may occur.

Gambling is played for valuable objects. They are sometimes an item may be valuable as the money. Loser person put things continue to play more just because it wants to reduce losses. For this reason, the person loses assets or will have a lot more debt. In the past, all the assets of the rich people have lost in this way.

People able to meet the needs adrenaline with different ways yet the material and spiritual challenges reveal by gambling is not a problem to be solved all time. We do not pay something in return games will be better to opt for a healthy decision.

Apple paying just 1.9% tax on overseas profits

Apple paid less than two per cent in tax on its overseas profits, documents revealed yesterday, after the iPad and iPhone giant managed to slash the amount that foreign taxmen receive.

Apple paid 556 million Euro (713 million Dollar) in corporation tax outside the US in the year to September 29, despite its foreign pretax earnings surging by more than 50 per cent to 28,7 billion Euro, papers filed with US regykatırs reveled.

Companies are able to sidestep the taxman by constructing complex global structures that allow them to move money through off shore havens.

Apple channels much of its business in Britain and Europe through a subsidiary based on an industrial estate in Co Cork, The Sunday Times reported.

Ireland‘s corparation tax is 12,5 per cent, roughly half the level it is in the UK.

The technology giant’s overseas tax rate fell to 1.9 per cent, compared to 2.5 per cent the previous year and a headline corporation tax rate of 24 per cent and 35 per cent in the UK and US, respectively.

The slide in its overseas tax rate came as Apple sold 125 million iPhones, 58 million iPads and 13,5 million MacBook laptops worldwide, including the US.

The California-based firm is the latest company to come under scrutiny for making a poor contribution to overseas coffers after Starbucks, Facebook and Google were faced with similar criticism.

Yandex was official search engine for Galatasaray Sport Club

Galatasaray signed with Yandex the largest internet company in europe which Turkey‘s a new search engine. The contract was signed the first time between a sport club and a search engine. Thereby fans of Galatasaray will be finding answers for questions. Furthermore  has been designed specially for fans of Galatasaray.

President of the Galatasaray Sport Club-Ünal Aysal, CEO and Founder of Yandex- Arkady Volozh, Chairman of the board of Yandex Turkey-Mehmet Ali Yalçındağ, Deputy President of the Galatasaray Sport Club-Ali Dürüst, CEO of Galatasaray Sports A.Ş. -Lutfi Arıboğan and CEO of Yandex Turkey-Bogdan Wisniewski advertised together in Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex.

Fans of Galatasaray will start use extension “” mail address who can be pre-registration for mail service at the end of October.

Galatasaray Sport Club will make money for each search.

Does TransOS kill to the classic desktop?

While everybody is talking about the Windows 8, a new operation system is being developed by somebody.

Computer Engineers from Tsinghua University are working hard these days. TransOS operation system model will be produced for large masses to each platform as cloud-based.

All operation system codes are kept on a cloud server which can be accessed from any terminal.

TransOS is using virtualized network and hardware for all the resource. What’s more, the user familiar desktop operation system can be presented even.

TransOS‘s development has not been completed yet. However many available application and traditional desktop applications can be used. Engineers think that low cost PC and mobile devices can also benefit from this new operating system.

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